A Look Back at Our Journey with Lyft Across Texas

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Our journey with Lyft began in San Antonio and took us to Laredo and the Texas State Capitol. After more than two years of debate on December 8, 2016, we were proud to announce that Lyft was here to stay in San Antonio. The City Council voted 9-2 in favor of annual agreements approving the operation of Lyft and rideshare in the City. We want to thank former Mayor Taylor, Councilman Nirenberg (now Mayor Nirenberg), Councilman Treviño, Councilman Saldaña, Councilwoman Viagran, Councilwoman Gonzales, and former Council members Krier, Warrick and Medina for their vision and leadership on rideshare.After our success in San Antonio, we were asked to support the City of Laredo, one of the largest, most traveled border towns in the country. On March 29, 2017, a Special Meeting was called by the City Council, and with a unanimous vote, they approved Lyft and rideshare companies to operate immediately. These victories show the importance of Lyft and how it positively impacts the communities it serves.

While simultaneously working in cities across the state we, along with a great team of government affairs firms across Texas, united together to represent Lyft at the State level. Because the State is so complex and diverse, it was important to establish a streamlined State policy that made it easier for Lyft and its drivers to travel and operate intrastate. After many meetings to discuss the issues with elected officials and what it meant to their communities, rideshare went before Senate and House Committees, and then to both floors for debate.

On May 29, Governor Abbot signed into law House Bill 100 establishing a statewide regulatory framework for transportation network companies.

Redefining transportation to fit the needs of a more interconnected world, is crucial for the future of this country. Lyft has taken part in revolutionizing how we use our vehicles, and how we connect people in an efficient manner while providing an enjoyable experience. Representing Lyft, has been a great honor, as the culture of their company reflects who we are as OCI Group. We believe that a company must actively engage in the communities in which they serve. It must learn about the people it is serving, and partner with other organizations to promote the well-being of the community. Lyft has taken social stances that may not have served their bottom line when it came to garnering support from certain elected officials, but they did it because it was the right thing to do. From the very beginning, Lyft has served as a model of how companies should operate.

Throughout our journey representing Lyft, we have met drivers from all over the country. A driver exclusively fundraising for cancer research and donating all her earnings to finding a cure on behalf of her daughter; single parents who have told us they wouldn’t have been able to care for their children had it not been for Lyft. We’ve had serious conversations in our rides and entertaining ones with drivers that have ambient lighting, water, “club music” and candy to offer.  No matter how diverse the drivers are, or from where they come, there is one common thread; their passion and care for the community.

We extend our biggest thanks and appreciation to the great team from Lyft: From here in San Antonio, we’re sending a big Texas hug to Veronica Juarez, Joseph Okpaku, April Mims, Rena Davis, Annabel Chang, Bakari Brock, Sara Lasner, John Horton, Chelsea Wilson, Chelsea Harrison and to every single Lyft representative that we had the pleasure of meeting and working with. You will always have your home here in San Antonio. Cheers to the many more rides and adventures to come!

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On October 26, 2017

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