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Rideshare has been called “disruptive innovation,” a technology of the zeitgeist, pushing boundaries and pulling the past into the future. It presents immense opportunities for positive change in business and society. How cities react to disruptive technology and innovation will ultimately determine their future growth, success and quality of life. OCI Group works to shape that reaction and ensure positive outcomes that are beneficial both to business and communities. One such example of how OCI Group is accomplishing this goal is through its partnership with the Transportation Network Company, Lyft.
OCI Group is proud to have partnered with Lyft, providing services in intergovernmental affairs & lobbying, marketing and branding, communication, strategic outreach and crafting workshops and presentations to best convey the shared vision of better connected communities with opportunity for all. OCI Group has organized riders and drivers to advocate before City Hall against unnecessarily burdensome regulations, and played a key role in lobbying City Councilmembers to bring rideshare back to San Antonio in August 2015. However, OCI Group’s work has not been limited to the municipal level, and in 2016 it worked with County Commissioners to secure approval of a pilot program that would provide Bexar County employees with credit to use Lyft during Fiesta. Most importantly, OCI Group has played a major role in crafting the policies employed by the City of San Antonio to deal with the emergence of such an innovative technology. With an optional ten-print background check for drivers, driver and vehicle identification and tracking through the app and ETA provided, riders can rest assured that their safety is a top priority for both Lyft and local government. OCI Group’s work was critical in striking this accord, and as a result San Antonio now stands as a model for the state and the nation of how rideshare companies can be integrated into communities to the benefit of both provider and consumer while ensuring safety and creating opportunity for historically underserved communities.
Lyft is an excellent example of how OCI Group’s approach as a Social Purpose Consulting firm ultimately reaps benefits for both the businesses and the communities they serve. Lyft not only connects riders with drivers, but also works diligently to create positive social impact. By engaging and attending to communities that have been historically underserved by traditional transportation services, Lyft opens the door to opportunity for individuals that may never have imagined they could experience the same level of accessibility and mobility as those with conventional means of transportation. Moreover, by utilizing space in vehicles that would not normally be used, as well as mitigating the need for personal vehicles in urban areas, Lyft does its part to ensure that the future of transportation is green. Ultimately, OCI Group and Lyft are working together to grow more integrated, mutually rewarding and positively impacted communities, outcomes that would have been more challenging without OCI Group’s work to create a policy environment in which Lyft can flourish.

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Leadership Development Case Study

National Hispanic Institute at San Antonio


For over 15 years, the National Hispanic Institute at San Antonio (NHISA), formerly the San Antonio Community Leadership Council, has worked with thousands of area youth to cultivate their leadership development, promote community involvement and foster cultural awareness for all those who participate in the National Hispanic Institute’s (NHI) summer experiences. As the regional affiliate of NHI, NHISA is able to reinforce the ideology and practice of this youth leadership organization with youth from across San Antonio and the surrounding areas—building a new vanguard of Latino leadership that will carry our Latino Community through the 21st century.


The founders and partners of OCI Group all met through their shared passion for and work with NHI and NHISA. These organizations have left an indelible impact on the lives of OCI Group’s consultants, so we have continued to support the advancement of their initiatives through communications and marketing services, community outreach and branding, curriculum writing at the local and national level, capital campaign and fundraising oversight, among other general nonprofit consultation services.


The partners of OCI Group have been involved with NHISA since its inception in 1995 so there are numerous examples of work that has been executed over the years, however a recent example is OCI Group’s development of the relationship between NHISA and the San Antonio Spurs Sports and Entertainment organization. OCI Group connected NHISA with the San Antonio Spurs Sports and Entertainment organization to promote the members of the San Antonio Great Debate team and sell Spurs tickets where a portion of the proceeds went toward fundraising for the student participants. Members of the Great Debate team and their families have rallied around the Spurs organization promoting and selling a record number of tickets for a partnership of this nature. In addition, the Great Debate team members and staff have been recognized pre-game or during half time at center court in front of a packed AT&T Center for multiple Spurs games.


Through this creative and engaging opportunity, a new model for community involvement and connection was developed which promotes and supports the youth of our city and the positive and strategic contributions that organizations like the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA, the National Hispanic Institute and OCI Group can make. The NBA is currently looking to the San Antonio Spurs and NHISA as a model for what can be done throughout the rest of the league, making this a sustainable and replicable effort for the future.

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Certified Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE), Hispanic American Business Enterprise (HABE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) through the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA).

Certified Action Learning Trainers through the World Institute for Action Learning.

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