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FROM THE LYFT BLOG | April 17, 2014

Deliver delight, surprise with love, and do good.

Lyft for Good empowers anyone who sees a community need to fill that need with Lyft. Inspired by the countless Lyft drivers who’ve taken initiative in their own communities, we turned this longstanding tradition of public service into a nationwide program.

The Lyft for Good program is rooted in three values:


Enable community members to find new ways to use Lyft to create change locally and nationwide. For example, groups of drivers have joined together to clean up parks and hold food drives at Thanksgiving for the hungry.


Bring greater independence and mobility to community members who can benefit from a ridesharing platform like Lyft, such as the driver volunteers who provide local seniors rides to their medical appointments.


Set root in our cities and commit to becoming a true force for good in our communities. In new markets, founding drivers select a local charity to receive matching donations from the city’s launch weekend rides.

Our goal is to power more than 100 community initiatives by the end of 2014, and we’ll share updates on that progress regularly on our blog


Lyft for Good

Every day, Lyft drivers deliver delight, surprise with love, and do good. From empathy and warm smiles, shared snacks and safe rides, Lyft drivers plant the seeds for closer-knit communities, and spread their generous spirit from the car out into their cities.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Lyft for Good, a nationwide program that empowers anyone who sees a community need to fill that need with Lyft. Inspired by our drivers’ well-established tradition of making a difference, we’ve taken the next step to create a platform to support these community initiatives. We’re asking you, the community — drivers and passengers, along with city leaders and local organizations — to share an idea that will better your city, and Lyft will help make those ideas come to fruition. By the end of 2014, our goal is to power at least 100 Lyft for Good community initiatives.

Already, we’ve seen community members bring Lyft for Good to their communities in impactful, innovative ways. Drivers in San Francisco currently partner with their local chapter of the Little Brothers organization, supporting elderly community members. Not only do Lyft drivers give rides to medical appointments — filling a void of weekday volunteers — they also provide a much-needed social and personal connection.

During Nashville’s extra-cold winter, drivers created “Lyft Kits” for the homeless, banding together to fill and distribute backpacks with blankets, food, water, toiletries and a hand-written card after seeing this population in need during their journeys throughout the city.

Next week in San Francisco, driver volunteers will help Meals on Wheels deliver disaster preparedness kits to hundreds of low-income seniors, using the Lyft platform to connect community members who wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain these resources with materials they need.

In every new city where Lyft launches, founding drivers from the community elect a local charity to support in matching donations during opening weekend – including Salt Lake City, which joins the Lyft family this week. Last November, our nationwide Lyftsgiving gatherings further showed the Lyft community’s intrinsic inclination to give back and do good. As we set root in cities, we commit to becoming a true force for good in our communities starting from the day we launch.

The best part is, these examples are only the beginning. To get started, visit

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