The 3 P’s of OCI Group

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One of OCI Group’s most distinctive features is our three-step consulting model that addresses Paradigm, Purpose, and Practice. We utilize this innovative process to identify and strengthen a greater social purpose, which is vital to any successful entity both now and in the future.


As a consulting group that works with other businesses, non-profit organizations, school districts and individuals, OCI Group first addresses the attitudes and beliefs of our clients, to identify their strengths, assets and redefine not only how they are perceived by the outside world—but more importantly, how they perceive themselves, to ultimately create a paradigm shift for the community.



Our consulting approach is a philosophy of community consciousness and engagement, which is the greater social purpose driving everything we do in OCI Group.

When clients invest in their own development (personal and/or professional) rooted in a greater social purpose, they are investing in the development of their entire community. This new model of business creates a shared economy that promotes business growth and community prosperity that will carry us strongly through the 21st century.



We work with clients to shape their outlook and craft leadership and economic development practices—but all with the intent to utilize this for the benefit of the community around them. By creating a new paradigm, we inspire new purpose-driven social behaviors, and show clients how integrating this process into their business will ultimately uncover and/or strengthen the innate value in their companies, schools and every day interactions.

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On September 13, 2013

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