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Mayor Appoints Olivia Travieso to Port San Antonio Board

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the San Antonio City Council unanimously approved the appointment of OCI Group Partner & Co-founder, Olivia.

Below is a video and transcript excerpts from the City Council comments regarding Olivia's appointment to the Port San Antonio Board.

Click to watch the video:

Mayor Nirenberg:

I'm very excited about bringing in to the Port San Antonio Board, Olivia Travieso.

Olivia has done great work for our community and she is now going to be a board member to Ports San Antonio, filling for a member that was originally appointed by Mayor Castro, Alex Nava, who has served admirably over the course of the years.

But Olivia, you are bringing in a new guard and we're looking forward to having your energy leadership and experience on the Port board. So thank you very much for stepping up.

District 5 Councilmember Teri Castillo:

Thank you Mayor. I also wanted to congratulate Olivia. She is a powerhouse and I'm really excited that OCI is in District 5, and you and your team are phenomenal.

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