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OCI Group is changing the face of government relations in Texas. For over a decade, our team has utilized their professional expertise and community-driven approach on behalf of national and international clients, whether large corporations, publicly traded companies, small businesses, or individuals.


Below are some of the government relations and lobbying services in which we are experienced and highly capable of providing.



Developing the strategy for engaging local and statewide elected officials, their staff, industry leaders, and influencers in the community

Building support and consensus for issues among key stakeholders and constituencies

Crafting communications and messaging that resonates with key stakeholders and audiences

Researching, performing a market analysis, identifying comparisons/competitor insights, opportunities, and potential issues

Preparing and training project team members for the most effective meetings and presentations; attending meetings and presentations on behalf of the client as needed

Legislative tracking, navigating the legislative process, and representation with elected officials, groups, and advocates that will be critical to successful outcomes

Providing assistance and guidance in drafting policies, ordinances, bills, and amendments

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at or (210) 421-4197

GR Services List
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